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The power of anger

your energy goes where you cast it

Have you ever experienced that boiling feeling that makes you change colour inside and outside? It silently builds up and at some point...BANG! It's all out! You don't even know what exactly opened the bottle, if a word, an image, a song...BANG! Well, the good news is that you can use it as a wave to jump on and go! Take your anger and do what was there waiting for you. Make it! Reshape it as energy and cast it towards what you really need to push. Enjoy good anger!

The unpopularity of the popularity

The silence of communication

We live in an era where being popular means having a lot of “followers”, a lot of “likes” and “shared” thoughts. I wish being popular was having a lot of true friends that follows you in your real life, people that discuss with you in person and shake your hand and eventually share your happiness, your knowledge and, most important, your pain.

I know I am now being “unpopular” but, sorry to say, this massive media networking is isolating people, creating fake identities and destroying human relations.

Social media should be a way to go, the envelope of a letter that you have to write. The envelope alone is meaningless.

I just discovered I have two “bot” among my twitter followers…let me be “vintage”, but I really do not like this interaction.

I would like to clearly talk to people, but someone might just want an easy-fast-cold click or at most a dry e-mail. This is my communication to you that are reading…please do something with me to give human beings a better colour then grey.

I don’t want to be part of this alienation and I  started a personal experiment: everyday I stop people I do not know at all and talk about me, ask about them…this is surprisingly awesome!
It does not take long, it is just while taking a train, a bus, going to work or at the supermarket.

All this fast going of life makes everyone became older at high speed. Having few minutes to stop, in silence, help you to reach yourself and the others. This is working with me. Just stop for a moment.

Women In Science, my opinion about

We are growing, we are great, we need more!

At the Olympic games, males and females do not compete against each other. It is true, we are different. Our Biology is different. In music, are we different in music?

What about science, is there the potential to draw a line of capabilities?


My guess is NO. 


Never the less many job positions are biased towards males.

In Scientific meetings males are overrepresented.


My opinion is that the problem is the society, and women themself take the responsibilities for this. We need to change first. Most of us have a very chauvinist behaviour, we have a male-dominated mind. It is a fact.


A solution of this is a CHANGE, very difficult in habits, thoughts and society.


IT IS NOT AN HANDICAP being female. As a woman I want to compete with whatever please be a proud WOMEN IN SCIENCE. We put a lot of effort in what we do, work life balance is a challange every day.


Please join Women in Machine Learning to have the support of our community!


We want more.



BAD Days: Bioinformatics Awareness DAys

BAD days are not bad at all!

The Bioinformatics Awareness Days are days devoted to Bioinformatics. As a Marie S. Curie postdoctoral fellow @ SITRaN and Computer Science Departments at the University of Sheffield, I organized such an event to give my practical contribution in Bioinformatics, although I have to state that all this started in Naples at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, with the great Bionformatics Core.

Together with Tania Allard and Mike Croucher at the DCS, we decided to publicly disseminate this material to all the interested scientific community. The sessions are self contained and a full run should last at most 2 hours.


All of the sessions material is now also contained in a website based around the Jupyter notebooks: BAD Days website.