WiN: Women In Networks Workshop

Location: School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK

UK Time: 3 days event 27/02/2019 – 01/03/2019  


Outline Summary:

The WIN Workshop will bring together senior and junior (mainly) women international scientists working in the field of Networks modelling and Networks applications in Biology. Activities are spread over three days.

Each day will have 2 invited talks (45 minutes) by leading researchers in the field, and shorter talks (30 minutes) submitted by the participants.


During the first two days, there will be afternoon interactive breakout discussion sessions in which participants will form small groups to independently discuss important topics in the field.

In particular, the first session will be devoted to highlight the main challenges and open questions in the modelling and validation of Networks.

The second interactive session will address the identification of potential solutions to the problems discussed.


Objective of the interactive afternoon sessions will be:


• identifying main challenges;

• propose possible problems solutions;

• deciding priorities, strategy, and vision;

• improving/establishing scientific collaborations and networking;

• gathering ideas for research grant proposals;

• ascertaining user requirements for bioinformatics tools;

• generating ideas for designing web/software interfaces.


Each breakout session will be followed by a reporting session to the entire group.

The 3rd, and last day, afternoon session will be dedicated to the discussion of poster presentations. Participants’ posters will be displayed over the workshop and around the coffee break area.

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